Resources for your Audition

Amneris Lead. Female. 20 - 30 Vocal range E3-E5 (belt).
Radames Lead. Male. 20-33 Vocal Range: G3-Ab5. Pop/rock vocalist with strong upper register.
Aida Lead. 18 - 25 Vocal range: G3- F5 (belt) Must be a fantastic singer and actor with range!.
Mereb Supporting. Male. 16-25 Vocal range top: G3-A5.
Zoser Lead Male 45-55 Vocal range top: D4-D5.
Pharaoh Supporting. Male. 45-65 Non singing cameo role.
Nehebka Supporting. Female. 20-35 Vocal range: G3-E5. Comfortable singing gospel style vocals. Great singer/dancer/actor. May audition with Aida, Amneris, or Ensemble sides.
Amonasro Supporting. Male. 40-55 Role will most likely be in the ensemble Can Audition with either ensemble sides.
Soprano-Alto Ensemble Chorus / Ensemble. 16-40
Tennor Ensemble Chorus / Ensemble. 16-40
Baritone Ensemble Chorus / Ensemble. 16-40