Playing Oct 17th - Oct 20th, 2024
Thu. Oct 17th
Fri. Oct 18th
Sat. Oct 19th
Sun. Oct 20th

From out of the mysterious Carpathian Mountains comes a monster, a nobleman a legend. Thought by some to be the reincarnation of an ancient warlike prince, others insist he is a dark creature cursed by both God and the devil to live a half life sustained by his brutal desire for human blood. For centuries he has waited, and now from the other side of the world, he calls and beckons to the innocent. From his own savage lands of superstition he makes his way to a new country, one of right and reason. With the close of the 19th century at hand, irrational fears have no place in the modern industrial age of England, and yet the streets of London will soon be stalked by this venerable creature. From the mind of Bram Stoker he cannot be stopped…he cannot be sated. He is Dracula.